Centenary History - Pastors



Our Ministers have always maintained a relationship with a professional organization which involved membership and participation through seminars, home study, retreats and other pastoral settings that enhanced their work.

James Lawson

Rev. J. M. Lawson

Rev. Hawkins 1865

Rev. C. Sewell 1888

Rev. H. W. Keys 1907

Rev. Fields (Dates unknown)

Rev. Thomas (Dates unknown)

Rev. Chavis 1913-1915

Rev. E. J. Cox 1921-1932

Rev. Brown' 1932-1933

Rev. W. Woolfolk 1933-1935

Rev. H. B. Gibson 1935-1940

Rev. J. F. Shaw 1940-1945

Rev. H. H. Jones 1945-1953

Rev. D. M. Grisham 1953-1961

Rev. J. M. Lawson 1961-1974

Rev. A.W. Martin, Jr., the interim minister while Rev. Lawson was on leave for study. 1970-1971

Rev J. M. Lawson 1974

Rev. E. E. Bufford 1974-1977

Rev. J. K. Shelton 1977-1980

Rev. W. Maurice King 1980-1982

Rev. Dogan Williams 1982-1985

Rev. Gary J. Wilson 1985-1990

Rev. Herbert L. Lester, Jr. 1990 to 2008

Rev. Kenneth Edmondson 2008 to 2011

Rev. Deborah B. Smith 2011 to Present

Centenary is constantly 'on the move' and many more innovative programs will be available to all groups as we work together, read, reflect, and pray. The programs of the church are constantly growing and changing. We hope that by reading about the past, each of us will gain new appreciation for the present. It is hoped that each of us will be challenged to make even more significant contributions to the church.

The preparation of these facts about Centenary represents the collective efforts of many members who supplied factual information to us as well as a lot of encouragement. We express our sincere appreciation to each of you.

Dorothy Tureaud

Emma Tom Johnson

Updated: December, 2009